Friday, February 24, 2006


Many people helped us out on our trip and we would like to give special thanks to the following people:
Isabel at the National Park Bureau in Bahia de los Angeles for looking after the truck for 6 weeks.
Parvin and Klaus in Tripui for storing our cache, burning CDs with our photos, and many hours of great company.
Pancho in Playa San Rafael for tea and coffee.
Brad and Carolyne in Punto Chivato for helping us out with charging batteries, driving us to town and sharing wine and beer.
Mike and Lizette for a wonderful day on Mike's 1959 wooden sail boat
Everyone on the San Juanico Beach Camp Fire - especially Sam - for sharing Tequila so generously (Our plan was to get up 2am the next morning to enjoy a full moon paddle, but after I had too much Tequila, at 3am Vik decided to postpone our departure to 4am. When we got up at 5am to paddle, we still got one hour of full moon paddling which was a great experience. However, there were a few moments when i regretted the amount of Tequila i drank ;-)
Antonio - head of a fish camp - for offering fire wood, fresh veggies,...



Anonymous Sam said...

I was sad to see you two go. We stayed a couple more days and then moved to Burro Bay in Conception. Glad to hear all went well. Like to hear from you again!


6:03 PM  

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